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Credit Card Processing

While there are numerous companies that offer credit card processing services with tantalizingly low fees, there are often hidden charges packed into the ‘bundles’ they offer. Some of these can be hard to find, and once they’re discovered, the business owner often feels like it’s just easier to keep things the way they are. They may not know where to look for the fees tucked inside the bundles. They may not bother doing the math to see how much money is being spent on those charges; after all, there are plenty of other squeaky wheels to oil, and if it ain’t broke, as the saying goes, don’t fix it. The problem is, that’s money out of your pocket.

EAS can help here on two fronts –

  1. Let us examine your merchant Service statements. We can locate any charges that you don’t need to pay, and show you what that service is costing over and above what you should be paying.
  2. We now offer credit card processing services, and can save even small businesses significant amounts on an annualized basis. We saved one small business about $100/month in credit card fees, which seemed like small potatoes to the owner until he realized that he could save over $1200/year simply by switching to our service.

Here’s the best part… if we can’t save you money — in other words, if you’re already getting a great deal, we’ll tell you! By letting us examine your merchant service statements, at least you’ll know if you’re paying any hidden fees, and if not, we may be able to match what you’re paying now. Keeping credit card and bookkeeping services under one roof makes sense, too, as it’s one less company to deal with. Give us a call and let us see if we can save you money.

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Improving your small business

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Tools to get bigger clients with less effort

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