Line Up Those Ducks

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Line Up Those Ducks

Life has improved a little, hasn’t it? The pandemic is winding down, employees are coming back to work, business is picking up… life is getting a tad better. In late November, however, you feel a slight, nagging feeling worming its way into your mind, and despite your best efforts, it won’t leave. It grows stronger into early January, and by the third week of the windy month, you begin to sweat at night, tossing in bed as a dark cloud of anxiety crawls in next to you and won’t leave… then it hits you. Next month is tax month! Are you ready? Of course not! Where are all those receipts? Which expenses go where? How should I treat that part-time, temporary employee? What’s changed since last year, and have you even made an appointment with your tax person? (Cue Darth Vader theme.) It can be exhausting. Running a business is hard, demanding work, and most folks don’t have the luxury of having a dedicated employee to handle the ever – changing requirements of modern tax requirements. Even if you are tax-savvy, pulling the mountain of paperwork together and organizing it coherently can be confusing, not to mention a huge drain on your precious time — time better spent on running your business, which is what you do best.

Let Elite Accounting Solutions help line up your ducks!

We will:

1) Make sure your business complies with correct filing of 1099-Misc., 1099-NEC, and
1099-INT forms.

2) Have all payroll forms and reports ready for proper, accurate filing.

3) Work with your CPA to ensure your business has the transparency needed for
trouble-free filing.

4) Help you pay the least tax possible by examining expenses, deductions, and scaling

We can take tax season worries off your plate and let you get back to making money
running your business. Let us help you get those ducks in a row!

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